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Macrocognition in Teams : Theories and Methodologies / Norman W. Warner.
Warner, Norman W., author.
London : Taylor and Francis, ©2017.
First edition.
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Team collaboration involves many operational tasks such as team decision-making or course of action selection, developing shared understanding, and intelligence analysis. These operational tasks must be performed in many situations, often under severe time pressure, with information and knowledge uncertainty, large amounts of dynamic information and across different team characteristics. Recent research in this area has focused on various aspects of human collaborative decision-making and the underlying cognitive processes while describing those processes at different levels of detail, making it difficult to compare research results. The theoretical construct of ’macrocognition in teams’ was developed to facilitate cognitive research in team collaboration, which will enable a common level of understanding when defining, measuring and discussing the cognitive processes in team collaboration. Macrocognition is defined as both the internalized and externalized mental processes employed by team members in complex, one-of-a-kind, collaborative problem solving. Macrocognition in Teams provides readers with a greater understanding of the macrocognitive processes which support collaborative team activity, showcasing current research, theories, methodologies and tools. It will be of direct relevance to academics, researchers and practitioners interested in group/team interaction, performance, development and training.
chapter 1 Macrocognition in Teams -- chapter 2 Introduction -- chapter 3 Shared Mental Models and Their Convergence -- chapter 4 Communication as Team-level Cognitive Processing -- chapter 5 Collaboration, Training, and Pattern Recognition -- chapter 6 Toward a Conceptual Model of Common Ground in Teamwork -- chapter 7 Agents as Collaborating Team Members -- chapter 8 Introduction -- chapter 9 Overview of approach -- chapter 10 Augmenting Video to Share Situation Awareness More Effectively in a Distributed Team -- chapter 11 Introduction -- chapter 12 Introduction -- chapter 13 Support for team collaboration -- chapter 14 CENTER: Critical Thinking in Team Decision-making -- chapter 15 Introduction -- chapter 16 Introduction -- chapter 17 Introduction -- chapter 18 Overview -- chapter 19 Introduction -- chapter 20 Collaborative Operational and Research Environment (CORE): A Collaborative Testbed and Tool Suite for Asynchronous Collaboration -- chapter 21 Global information grid and collaborative technology -- chapter 22 Introduction -- chapter 23 Macrocognition Research: Challenges and Opportunities on the Road Ahead.
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