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Okinawa Under Occupation : McDonaldization and Resistance to Neoliberal Propaganda / by Miyume Tanji, Daniel Broudy.
Tanji, Miyume, author.
Singapore : Springer Singapore : Imprint : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017.
1 online resource (XXV, 242 pages 34 illustrations, 16 illustrations in color.) : online resource
This book examines classical and modern interpretations of education in the context of contemporary Okinawa as a site of neoliberal military-industrial development. Considering how media educate consumers to accept the plans and policies of the powerful, it questions current concepts of development and the ideology that informs national security policies. The book closely examines the signs, symbols, and rhetorical manipulations of language used in media to rationalize and justify a kind of development, which is the destruction of the environment in Henoko. Through careful analysis of public relations literature and public discourse, it challenges the presupposition that Okinawa is the Keystone of the Pacific and necessarily the only location in Japan to host U.S. military presence. Forced to co-operate in America's military hegemony and global war-fighting action, Okinawa is at the very center of the growing tension between Beijing and Washington and its clients in Tokyo and Seoul. The book represents a case study of the discourse used in society to wield control over this larger project, which is a more developed and militarized Okinawa . Considering how history is given shape through external power structures and discourse practices that seek control over both historical and contemporary narratives, it reveals how public attitudes and perceptions are shaped through educational policies and media.
""Preface""; ""Notes on Names""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Contents""; ""List of Abbreviations""; ""List of Figures""; ""List of Illustration""; ""List of Tables""; ""Chapter 1: Introduction""; ""Relevance of the Okinawan Struggle to the Neoliberal World""; ""Scope and Structure""; ""Part I: Method, Theory, and Context""; ""Chapter 2: Critical Discourse Analysis of Public Relations""; ""CDA Difficulties in Okinawa""; ""Chapter 3: Why McDonaldization in Okinawa? Social Relations of Production in the Neoliberal Playground""; ""Neoliberalism: Utopic Concepts""

""Coercion and Hegemony in Neoliberal Capitalism""""Actually Existing Neoliberalism""; ""Why McDonaldization in Okinawa?""; ""The Friendly Face of McDonaldization in Okinawa""; ""Chapter 4: Processes of Conditioning: Propaganda in Education and Media Systems""; ""Background: Precisely What Is Propaganda?""; ""How Does It Work?""; ""Why Is It Produced?""; ""Regimenting Thought in Educational Practice in Okinawa Main Island""; ""Regimenting Thought in Mediated Communications""; ""Chapter 5: Rationalizing Processes of Unnatural Selection""; ""A Summary of Environmental Regulation""

""Where We Are Now""""How We Got Here""; ""Detour Strategies""; ""(Mis)Interpretation""; ""Techniques in Editing History""; ""Techniques in Fabricating â#x80;#x98;Officialâ#x80;#x99; Explanations""; ""Part II: Propaganda, Processes, and Analysis""; ""Chapter 6: McDonaldizing as a Force for Militarizing Okinawan Society""; ""Making Efficiency Normal""; ""Reinventions of Traditional Okinawan Culture""; ""The Efficiencies of Burden Relief from Futenma""; ""The Efficiencies of Controlling Meanings of â#x80;#x98;Developmentâ#x80;#x99;""; ""Chapter 7: Predictability as a Means of Manufacturing Consent""

""Manufactured Forms of Authority in New Media""""Fear as a Manufactured and Renewable Product""; ""Unpredictability in Protestors and Imprecision in Descriptions""; ""Chapter 8: Communication and Control Over â#x80;#x98;Unstableâ#x80;#x99; Actors""; ""Fortifying State Narratives Across Cultures""; ""The â#x80;#x98;Hatersâ#x80;#x99;: Kamaduu gwa tachi no tsudoi""; ""The Organization of Free Association""; ""Weaponized Packing Tape""; ""Impossible Questions""; ""Chapter 9: Calculability as a Quantifier of Future Profits Added to the Present""; ""Free Trade and the Cost of Future Healthcare""

""Heavy Industry and Construction Narratives""""Politicizing Catchphrases and Colors""; ""Politicizing Cooperation and Its Profit Potential""; ""An Efficient Future of Incalculable Profits""; ""Part III: Historical and Contemporary Forms of Resistance""; ""Chapter 10: Political Economy and Identity of â#x80;#x9C;All Okinawaâ#x80;#x9D; Resistance""; ""Kenmin (People of the Prefecture): Bifurcated Nationalism""; ""Jichi (Self-Governance)""; ""The â#x80;#x98;Systemâ#x80;#x99;""; ""OÌ#x84;ru Okinawa (All Okinawa) and Shimagurumi (All/Entire Island): â#x80;#x98;Okinawan Identityâ#x80;#x99;""
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