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Internet of Things : building blocks and business models / Fatima Hussain.
Hussain, Fatima, author.
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2017.
1 online resource (xv, 73 pages) : illustrations (some color).
SpringerBriefs in electrical and computer engineering.
This book describes the building blocks and introductory business models for Internet of Things (IoT). The author provide an overview of the entire IoT architecture and constituent layers, followed by detail description of each block . Various inter-connecting technologies and sensors are discussed in context of IoT networks. In addition to this, concepts of Big Data and Fog Computing are presented and characterized as per data generated by versatile IoT applications . Smart parking system and context aware services are presented as an hybrid model of cloud and Fog Afterwards, various IoT applications and respective business models are discussed. Finally, author summarizes the IoT building blocks and identify research issues in each, and suggest potential research projects worthy of pursuing.
Foreword; Foreword; Acknowledgements; Contents; 1 Internet of Everything; 1.1 Introduction; 1.1.1 IoT Traffic; Communication in Close Proximity; Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency Communication; Low Power/Low Cost Communication; Urgent Communication; 1.2 Building Blocks; 1.2.1 Sensors and Machines; 1.2.2 Interconnecting Technologies; 1.2.3 Big Data and Fog Computing; Cloud Computing; Fog Computing; 1.3 Applications and Business Models; 1.3.1 IoT Applications and Use Cases; 1.3.2 IoT Business Models; 1.4 Book Organization; References.

2 Communication Technologies in IoT Networks2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Types of Sensors used in IoT Network; 2.3 Transmission Strategy; 2.3.1 Cooperative Communications; 2.3.2 Modeling of Cooperative IoT Network; 1D Linear Arrangement of Nodes in a Network; Distributed Versus Cluster-Based Linear IoT Networks; 2D IoT Network; 2.3.3 Applications of 1D and 2D Models in IoT Networks; 2.4 Other Candidate Technologies for IoT Networks; 2.5 Summary; References; 3 Big Data and Fog Computing; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Data Analysis; 3.2.1 IoT Data Analysis Challenges. Security Challenge3.2.1.2 Privacy Challenge; Data Collection Challenge; Data Analytic Challenge; 3.3 Internet of Things: Data Management and Processing; 3.3.1 IoT Requirements and Cloud Computing; 3.3.2 Fog Computing Architecture; Fog Attributes; Interplay of Cloud and Fog; 3.3.3 Context Awareness in Cloud and Fog; 3.3.4 Internet of Things and Cloud/Fog Use Case; Integrated Cloud and Fog Based Context Aware Framework; Smart Parking System: A Use Case; 3.4 Summary; References; 4 IoT Applications and Business Models; 4.1 Introduction.

4.2 Applications of IoT4.2.1 Intelligent Transportation; 4.2.2 Smart Clothing; 4.2.3 Smart Grids; 4.2.4 Education; 4.2.5 Environment Observation, Forecasting and Protection; 4.2.6 Smart Agriculture and Farming; 4.2.7 Health Care; 4.2.8 Smart Homes/Buildings and Monitoring; 4.2.9 Public Safety; 4.3 Research Challenges; 4.3.1 Versatile Sensors and Technologies; 4.3.2 Integration of IoT and Conventional IT; 4.3.3 Standardization; 4.3.4 Security Protocols; 4.4 Business Models; 4.5 Conclusion; References; 5 Summary and Conclusions; 5.1 Smart World and Internet of Things; 5.2 Key Concepts.

5.2.1 Sensing and Information Gathering5.2.2 Information Communication; 5.2.3 Information Processing and Management; 5.2.4 IoT Applications; 5.2.5 Business Models; 5.3 Recent Research; 5.3.1 Smart Devices and Processors; 5.3.2 Connectivity and Transmission; 5.3.3 Fog and Transparent Computing; 5.4 Research Direction; 5.4.1 Network Management; 5.4.2 Heterogenous Traffic Scheduling in IoT Networks; 5.4.3 Resource Coordination Among Foglets; References; Index.
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