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Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook.
Cochetti, Roger.
Hoboken : Wiley, 2014.
2nd ed.
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Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook, Second Edition, serves to provide background for the earliest proposals to the most current advances in technology used for INMARSAT and NON-INMARSAT mobile-satellite communications. Revised edition will serve both technical and non-technical professionals who rely every day on mobile satellite communications Describes and explains historic, current, and planned civil, commercial, and military mobile satellite communication systems. 1st Edition charts and tables updated and expanded with current material for today's mobile satellite technology.
Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Foreword; Preface; Biography; Chapter 1: Introduction to Satellite Communications; 1.1 A Brief History of Satellite Communications; 1.2 Current Major Communications Satellite Systems; Chapter 2: Overview of the Technology; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Radio Frequencies; 2.3 Orbits; 2.4 Satellites and Earth Stations; 2.5 Channels, Link Analysis, and Networks; Chapter 3: Early Proposals for Mobile Satellite Communications; 3.1 Military Interest in Mobile Satellite Communications; 3.2 NASA Efforts; 3.3 Aerosat; 3.4 Maresat.

Chapter 4: MARISAT and MARECS: Pioneering Commercial Mobile Satellite Services4.1 MARISAT; 4.2 MARECS; Chapter 5: Introduction to INMARSAT; 5.1 Origins of the INMARSAT Organization; 5.2 US Participation in the INMARSAT Organization; 5.3 Structure of the INMARSAT Organization; 5.4 Ownership of the INMARSAT Organization; 5.5 Land Earth Stations (LESs) in INMARSAT; 5.6 Mobile Terminals in INMARSAT; 5.7 INMARSAT System Services; 5.8 Transformation of the INMARSAT Organization; 5.9 ICO Global Communications; Chapter 6: INMARSAT plc; 6.1 Introduction to INMARSAT plc; 6.2 INMARSAT''s Satellites.

6.3 INMARSAT''s ServicesChapter 7: Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Mobile Satellite Communications Systems; 7.1 Methodology; 7.2 Iridium; 7.3 Globalstar; 7.4 ORBCOMM; Chapter 8: Non-Inmarsat Geostationary Mobile Satellite Communications Systems; 8.1 OmniTRACS; 8.2 Thuraya; 8.3 Mobile Satellite Communications Services from Intelsat; Chapter 9: Other Important Mobile Satellite Communications Systems; 9.1 O3b; 9.2 SES; 9.3 LightSquared; 9.4 TerreStar; 9.5 Asia Cellular Satellite (ACS); 9.6 Mexsat; 9.7 Google; Chapter 10: Military Mobile Satellite Communications Systems; 10.1 1980-1990 History.

10.2 US Military Mobile Satellite Communications Post 9/11Appendix I: US Communications Satellite Timeline 1940s Through 1990s; I.1 Timeline of Selected Events in the Development of Satellite Communications; Appendix II: Background Statements by the International Telecommunications Union on Mobile Satellite Communications Frequency Assignments 1996, 1997, and 2000; 1996; 1997; 2000; Conclusion; Appendix III: Public Services Agreement Between the International Mobile Satellite Organization and INMARSAT.

Appendix IV: Mobile Satellite Communications Excerpts From U.S. Federal Communications Commission Report on U.S. Commercial Mobile ServicesIndex; End User License Agreement.
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