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Advanced computing and systems for security. Volume four / Rituparna Chaki, Khalid Saeed, Agostino Cortesi, Nabendu Chaki, editors.
Singapore : Springer, [2017]
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Advances in intelligent systems and computing ; 568.
This book presents extended versions of papers originally presented and discussed at the 3rd International Doctoral Symposium on Applied Computation and Security Systems (ACSS 2016) held from August 12 to 14, 2016 in Kolkata,  India. The symposium was jointly organized by the AGH University of Science & Technology, Cracow, Poland; Ca' Foscari University, Venice, Italy; and the University of Calcutta, India. The book is divided into two volumes, Volumes 3 and 4, and presents  dissertation works in the areas of Image Processing, Biometrics-based  Authentication, Soft Computing, Data Mining, Next-Generation Networking and  Network Security, Remote Healthcare, Communications, Embedded Systems,  Software Engineering and Service Engineering. The first two volumes of the  book published the works presented at the ACSS 2015, which was held from May  23 to 25, 2015 in Kolkata, India.
Preface; Contents; About the Editors; Cloud and Service Management; 1 A Review on Energy Efficient Resource Management Strategies for Cloud; Abstract; 1 Introduction; 2 Energy Efficient Cloud Computing: An Overview; 3 Existing Resource Management Techniques; 3.1 Resource Scheduling; 3.2 Load Balancing; 3.3 Migration; 4 Energy Efficient Resource Management: A Research Direction; 4.1 A Detailed Study; 4.1.1 An Observation; 5 Conclusion and Future Scope; Acknowledgements; References; 2 Modeling and Analysis of Enterprise Cloud Bus Using a Petri Net Based Approach; Abstract; 1 Introduction

2 Enterprise Cloud Bus System (ECBS)2.1 Formal Definition of ECBS; 2.2 Conceptualization of ECBS in MAS Architecture; 2.3 ECBS Elements in MAS Architecture; 3 Proposed Enterprise Cloud Bus Petri Net (ECBP); 3.1 Definition: Enterprise Cloud Bus Petri Net (ECBP); 3.2 ECBP Elements: Places and Transitions; 4 Analysis of ECBS Based on ECBP; 4.1 ECBP Based Analysis of ECBS; 4.1.1 Structural Analysis; 4.1.2 Performance Analysis; 4.1.3 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Modules; 4.2 Analysis of Behavioral Properties of ECBP Model; 5 A Case Study; 6 Conclusion; References

Service Provisioning in Cloud: A Systematic Survey1 Introduction; 2 Survey Goals and Research Questions; 3 Detailed Discussion on Service Provisioning; 3.1 Solution Techniques Used; 3.2 QoS Parameter Used; 3.3 Methodologies Used; 3.4 Comparing Capability of Some Well Known Solutions; 4 Context Awareness in Service Provisioning; 5 Service Provisioning by Brokers; 5.1 Broker's Responsibilities; 5.2 Service Broker: Architectures; 5.3 Proposed Broker Architecture for Service Provisioning; 6 Conclusion; References; Part II High Performance Computing

Flexible Neural Trees -- Parallel Learning on HPC1 Introduction; 2 Flexible Neural Tree; 2.1 Fitness Function; 2.2 Structure and Parameter Learning; 3 Parallel Learning; 4 Experiments; 4.1 Time-Series Forecasting; 4.2 Scalability; 5 Conclusion; References; Software Energy Estimation to Improve Power Efficiency of Embedded System; 1 Introduction; 2 Related Work; 2.1 Resource Substitution; 2.2 Sources of Energy Optimization; 2.3 Instruction Selection and Ordering; 2.4 Minimizing Memory Access Costs; 2.5 Algorithm Selection; 3 Objective; 4 Experimental Setup

4.1 Energy Calculation Using the 8051 Custom Board4.2 Energy Calculation Using EFM32 Board; 4.3 Energy Estimation Using PIN Tool; 5 Observation and Results; 5.1 Results for the Custom 8051 Board; 5.2 Results for the EFM32 Board; 5.3 Software Energy Estimation Using PIN; 5.4 Validation of Models; 6 Conclusions; References; Part III Image Processing; Ternary Quantum Circuit for Color Image Representation; 1 Introduction; 2 Proposed Models for Color Image Representation; 2.1 First Approach Based on Modified FRQI Model
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Chaki, Rituparna, editor.

Saeed, Khalid (Computer scientist), editor.

Cortesi, Agostino, 1963- editor.

Chaki, Nabendu, editor.

International Doctoral Symposium on Applied Computation and Security Systems (3rd : 2016 : Kolkata, India)
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